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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hustlin in 2k11


Download HERE or HERE

Tracklist: Intro, Aston martin music, Country shit, Homicide, Coming from, Billy, Time machine, Black & yellow, 6'7', Ham, Devils, Look like, Outro, Ni**az in paris

In It 2 Win 2k10

Download it HERE or HERE

Tracklist:  Intro, So ambitious, Money to blow, Hard, Ike Turner pimping, Game been good to me, Top of the line, DJ Cueball Commercial, How we do, Gangsta luv, Does what she wants, None of your business, Watch dis, Wetter, Outro, Z-ro flow

Hustlin In 2k9

Download it HERE or HERE

Tracklist: Intro, High Power, Dead and Gone, You, Forgot about me, Lost, Ain't I, I'm so paid, DJ Cueball(SKIT), Get money, Put on, Got to be, I can't make it home, My life, Crack a bottle, One mo drink, Pill poppa, Outro